airspeed horsa造句


  1. They flew from the south of England to Normandy in six Airspeed Horsa gliders.
  2. The 1st Airlanding Brigade was allocated 136 Waco and eight Airspeed Horsa gliders for the operation.
  3. The specification was issued in case sufficiently powerful tugs were not available for the larger Airspeed Horsa.
  4. The mission involved Royal Air Force Handley Page Halifax bombers towing Airspeed Horsa gliders from England to Tunisia.
  5. The works were also involved in constructing Bailey bridges and the tail planes for Airspeed Horsa gliders for the invasion.
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  7. However, the introduction of Waco Hadrian and Airspeed Horsa ) made the Rotabuggy superfluous and further development was cancelled.
  8. It became involved in aircraft production again during the Second World War, building forward fuselages for Airspeed Horsa gliders.
  9. Among the types developed were the 28 trooper Airspeed Horsa and the 7-ton capacity General Aircraft Hamilcar cargo glider.
  10. The interior of the Airspeed Horsa glider, which made up the great majority of the brigade's glider transport.
  11. Air transport for the brigade was normally the Airspeed Horsa glider, piloted by two soldiers from the Glider Pilot Regiment.
  12. During Operation Tonga, the British airborne invasion of Normandy, Airspeed Horsa gliders landed among the wooden poles and suffered casualties.
  13. During World War II, two British military gliders took their names from the brothers : the Slingsby Hengist and the Airspeed Horsa.
  14. In March 1944, it was reallocated to 30 Group Airborne Forces, where it mainly operated tug aircraft towing Airspeed Horsa gliders.
  15. Paratroops leaving an Airspeed Horsa Glider, a training aircraft of No 21 Heavy Glider Conversion Unit at Brize Norton, 4 June 1943.
  16. The unit towed Waco CG-4A and Airspeed Horsa gliders carrying reinforcements to the same location that afternoon and on the following morning.
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