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  1. But the challenge of an American Indian museum is to do more.
  2. Small also sees great significance in the American Indian museum.
  3. American Indian museums and children's museums are especially popular; Disney is investing in both categories.
  4. AMERICAN-INDIAN-MUSEUM ( Washington )-- Edward Rothstein reviews the American Indian museum here, which opens Tuesday.
  5. Titled " Native Americans Now ", it was located at the American Indian Museum in Santa Rosa, California.
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  7. *August 19, 2010-"'Wikipedia editing workshop "'and practice session at the American Indian Museum.
  8. All these years later, I still often think of that animatronic Indian chief, especially when I tour yet another American Indian museum.
  9. The other sources that the person uses is a PDF file from the National Museum of the American Indian Museum ( which it ref.
  10. As an example, he mentioned the Smithsonian's new American Indian museum, for which construction is to start on the Mall this month.
  11. The National Geographic and the National Museum of the American Indian Museum are the strongest sources and most reliable being used, outside of his tribe.
  12. Per interest expressed by the American Indian museum staff, there will be a meeting and discussion about future collaboration with the museum and possibly the SI in general.
  13. The planned American Indian museum on the Mall in Washington has been stalled over contractual disagreements between the Smithsonian Institution and the project's original architect, Douglas Cardinal, an Indian of Blackfoot ancestry.
  14. Also you might want to check with the National Museum of the American Indian Museum in Washington D . C .; Chief Boers might be the first Native to earn that title since Chief Crow.
  15. The American Indian museum set to open next month will display ancient ceramics, intricate beadwork and modern art to illustrate the past and present of native peoples spread across the Western Hemisphere for some 20, 000 years.
  16. The mission of the $ 219 million American Indian museum, which opened Sept . 21 and attracted more than 90, 000 visitors in its first week, includes a " special responsibility " to support and perpetuate " native culture and community ."
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