american indian music造句


  1. Doyle estimates there are about 10 labels in North America specializing in American Indian music.
  2. I listened to American Indian music.
  3. The audience for American Indian music in all forms is far wider than that, Bee said.
  4. He is also an expert on American Indian music, and on the music of Silvestre Revueltas.
  5. His network of philanthropists stopped donating to American Indian music, and Wheelock faced a financial struggle.
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  7. It manages to sound like both bluegrass and American Indian music, creating a unique and intriguing combination.
  8. In her fifty-plus years of studying and preserving American Indian music, she collected thousands of recordings.
  9. Composer Alan Menken wanted to do away with the cliched monotonic chords pop culture has portrayed as American Indian music.
  10. The young composer Charles Wakefield Cadman was interested in American Indian music and influenced by La Flesche's work.
  11. Publishing several articles on American Indian music, Cadman was regarded as one of the foremost experts on the subject.
  12. He did a lot of research and found that the real American Indian music was . . . cliched monotonic chords.
  13. Those items include records made by inventor Thomas A . Edison in the 1880s and the first recordings of American Indian music.
  14. With all this going for it, the American Indian music community is already clamoring for the addition of a second Grammy Award.
  15. He was greatly influenced by American Indian music and went to Nebraska to make cylinder recordings of tribal melodies for the Smithsonian Institution.
  16. Unlike Western music, traditional American Indian music had no standard pitch reference such as A440, so flutes were not standardized for pitch.
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