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  1. In 2005 American Indian Public Charter School had seven teachers.
  2. American Indian Public Charter School II, a charter school campus of the American Indian Model Schools system, is located in Chinatown.
  3. Then in 2000, he was recruited by Oakland's Native American community to take over the struggling American Indian Public Charter School in Oakland.
  4. The original American Indian Public Charter School and the main campus of American Indian High School occupy a converted church located off of MacArthur Boulevard, in the Chinatown.
  5. Lopez received guidance from Ben Chavis, head of the American Indian Model Schools, and established a system similar to the system of American Indian Public Charter School at Oakland Charter Academy.
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  7. Two schools of the American Indian Model Schools, American Indian Public Charter School ( AIPCS ) and American Indian Public High School ( AIPHS ), are located in a converted church building in Laurel.
  8. The Oakland School Board requested the California Board of Education deny renewal of American Indian Public Charter School II's ( AIPCS II ) charter, which would have closed the school after the 2011-2012 academic year.
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  10. Chavis currently resides in North Carolina . He received much criticism from the Oakland Unified School District ( OUSD ) for allegedly receiving over $ 3.8 million in school funds for leasing school facilities, construction and his salary from 2006-2012 In February 2013, OUSD attempted to revoke the school's charter; however, the Superior Court of Alameda County ruled in the American Indian Public Charter Schools favor.
  11. On September 27, 2012 the Oakland School Board voted to issue a " Notice of violation to American Indian Public Charter School . " http : / / www . ibabuzz . com / education / 2012 / 09 / 28 / in-split-vote-ousd-board-puts-american-indian-charter-schools-on-notice / School Board President Jody London, David Kakashiba, Jumoke Hodge and Gary Yee voted to issue the notice.
  12. After issuing the notice of violation the Board Members, Yee and Hodge urged concerned parents not to say that OUSD was closing the school but rather that they were " curing it . " Board Member Gary Yee then told an AIPCS parent, Ann Nomura, that he could no longer speak to American Indian Charter School parents because American Indian Public Charter School's Board was suing the Oakland School Board and OUSD for trying to negotiate a hostile takeover of the school.
  13. Kirsten Vital, an accountability head of the Oakland Unified School District, said in a latter to the AIM governing board dated on July 9, 2007 said that, during a visit to the American Indian Public Charter School in June 2007, she witnessed, in the words of Nanette Asimov of the " San Francisco Chronicle ", " incidents bordering on educational malpractice, and that came close to child endangerment . " Vital cited Chavis using the words " darkies " and " whities " to refer to racial and ethnic backgrounds in front of students, Chavis referring to a former employee as a " white b-- " while in the presence of students, and the school forcing a girl to clean a restroom for boys as a punishment for bad behavior.


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