angle accuracy造句

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  1. Air bending's angle accuracy is approximately ?.5 deg.
  2. An angle accuracy of about 0.1 degree would be needed for direct gunlaying.
  3. Both are out-of-the-box guaranteed to be capable of Minute of Angle accuracy.
  4. The frequency measurements obtained from the FDR are accurate to within ?0.0005 Hz and angle accuracy could reach 0.02 degree.
  5. Given the lack of lobe switching, the angle accuracy was more on the order of 10 degrees ( + or-5 degrees ).
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  7. Angle accuracy is ensured by applying a value to the width of the V opening, ranging from 6 T ( six times material thickness ) for sheets to 3 mm thick to 12 T for sheets more than 10 mm thick.
  8. The longer, heavier barrel reduces shot dispersion and gives the NHM-91 and MAK 91 rifles a longer sight radius, again resulting in improved accuracy over the typical semi-auto AKM . Trigger pull weight is also lighter than other AK designs, and some users report the rifle capable of 2-2.5 minutes of angle accuracy or better with factory 7.62?9mm ammunition.


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