angle buttress造句

"angle buttress"是什么意思   


  1. The tower has angle buttresses and gargoyles, and is crenellated.
  2. The tower is in three stages with a spire and angle buttresses.
  3. The tower is in three stages with short angle buttresses.
  4. The tower is constructed in yellow sandstone with angle buttresses.
  5. The tower is in three stages with angle buttresses and an embattled parapet.
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  7. The tower has angle buttresses, which have piers.
  8. The tower is in four stages with angle buttresses.
  9. At the corners of the church are angle buttresses.
  10. It has angle buttresses and a pointed doorway.
  11. The porch is in two storeys, with angle buttresses and a battlemented parapet with gargoyles.
  12. At its corners are angle buttresses.
  13. In the 16th century work began on a west tower of flint with angle buttresses of brick.
  14. It has buttressed side walls, a steeply pitched roof, and angled buttresses at the corners.
  15. The west front is symmetrical with angle buttresses, and contains a tall six-light window.
  16. At the east end are angle buttresses with pinnacles, and a three-light pointed window.
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