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  1. Glass angle changing straight grinder machine szm2000
  2. Glass angle changing straight line edging
  3. Glass angle changing straight grinder machine szm2000 - products show
    玻璃直线多角度磨边机szm2000 -产品展示亿海机械制造有限公司
  4. You are here : home product glass angle changing straight grinder machine szm2000
  5. Meanwhile , it still has characteristicof expanding , aesthetic angle changing , aesthetic focus changing and prototypingof natural phenomenon
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  7. The results show that the cohesion of unsaturated soil changes greatly , and the friction angle changes a little with soil moisture content it is also shown that the deeper of soil layer , the smaller of the extent of shearing strength improved
  8. Szm2000 glass angle changing straight grinder machine not only can grind a group of straight line edge but also grind two groups of angled sides . this machine is operated manually , rough grinding , refine grinding , chamfer angle grinding and polishing can be finished at one time . the grinding group enjoy wide range of adjustment , so it can form different ways of combination to meet different requirements of grinding or to process glass of different classes . this machine is fit for high quality fumiture glass , also the general glass
  9. Bending stress of asymmetric involute gears is analyzed by the use of finite element method ( fea ) , from which it can be obtained how the pressure angles and the point of load put on influence the blend stress . contacting stress of asymmetric involute gear is calculated by fea , some valuable conclusions are educed comparing with symmetric gear and asymmetric gear with the pressure angles changed
  10. And understanding and studying the spectral features and variation rules of geo - targets in the experimental area , raising that it is the basis of geo - targets information collection with imaging spectrometer data to understand spectral features and variation rules of geo - targets , realizing that in a great extent spectral - integrated - form - based classification method can remove the phenomenon of " different spectrum with same objects " resulted from reflection ratio curve translation because of the angle change among sensor , targets and observation direction , and the average and variance images can be introduced to solve the problem of two kinds of geo - target with similar spectral forms and much different values of whole reflection ratio . it is suggested that " red edge " range bands of vegetation , which has close relationship with vegetation cover and biomass , is the main characteristic bands and important basis for careful vegetation classification and quantitative retrieval , and pixel - based derivative spectral analysis is very useful for removing the effects of soil background values and quantitatively retrieving vegetation biomass and cover . the remote sense quantitative retrieval model is developed for main appraisable factors of desertification monitoring assessment with imaging spectrometer data and then the applicability of model is analyzed


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