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  1. "We save it back at our headquarters, " said brotherhood treasurer Antonio Hidalgo.
  2. An approach for classifying Innovation Management Tools ( IMTs ) is using typologies, as proposed by Antonio Hidalgo and Jose Albors.
  3. The Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana company, familiar in New York, brought the house down with Antonio Hidalgo's strong heel work, contrasted with Almudena Hernandez's seamless style.
  4. Choreographed by the Spaniard Antonio Hidalgo, who also dances the part of Manolete, the work is based on a script by an American, Sam Hazo, with original music by a New Jersey-based composer, Roberto Castellon.
  5. M醠aga seemed to be on track for promotion but, after another slump in form, they were overtaken as leaders by Antonio Hidalgo secured a 2 1 triumph and M醠aga returned to the top flight as runners-up.
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  7. Despite being reduced to 10 men through Antonio Hidalgo's sending-off, the Spaniards managed to pull back level through Pablo Gonzalez before Chijioke Nwankpa burst through to beat the keeper and seal victory in the 80th minute.
  8. Needing a win or for either rival team to slip up in order to be promoted, M醠aga won 2-1, after 2 goals by Antonio Hidalgo to finish second and return to the top flight, at Real Sociedad's expense.
  9. Indeed, on a recent Saturday night at Alegrias, the audience, everyone from groups of twentysomethings to older Spanish-speaking women ( all of whom ate tapas and drank pitchers of sangria throughout ) was riveted by Navarro, who is originally from Granada, Spain, and Antonio Hidalgo, visiting from Cordoba.


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