be at a standstill造句

"be at a standstill"是什么意思   


  1. Be at a standstill
  2. Traffic out of town is at a standstill . this ambulance has been stuck for nearly five minutes
  3. Talks between chelsea and lampard over a new contract are at a standstill after his demand for a ? 40 , 000 - a - week rise was turned down
  4. " although the reform of teaching writing has never been at a standstill , it often focus on not the whole but some parts , not the process but the links , and can not make a system
  5. But the development of baoji water conservancy industry is at a standstill , and the continuous loss in recent years has become a restriction to baoji city water conservancy industry development
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  7. The united nations ' special middle east envoy has told the security council the middle east peace process is at a standstill and has proposed speeding up implementation of the so - called roadmap peace plan
  8. This series of institutions that caused the partition and unequal between urban and rural areas had lasted for more than 20 years and had become the fundamental reason that china ' s urbanization progress had been at a standstill for a long period
  9. A series of reformation in urban gas industry and other public utilities has been carried out since 1990s , while compared with other industries , the extent of reformation in urban gas is the smallest and the high level of conflict is considerably obvious , the reformation is at a standstill


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