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  1. Our intercourse is at an end .
  2. And i am afraid our time together is at an end
  3. The silver surfer : all that you know , is at an end
  4. Our pact is at an end
  5. I hope it may be taken into account one day , when all days are at an end for me
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  7. Professional edition is at an end or you just want to purchase the award winning avast
    Professional edition试用期结束或者您想购买一流的avast
  8. Zead : this discourse is at an end . i cannot have you interfering any longer
    塞:这场讨论到此为止。我不能再让你扰乱这一切了。 (几砍未中!死神这么笨吗?
  9. This lore is administered by the old men of the clan , perhaps assigned to them after their own economic usefulness is at an end
  10. Try to be cheerful now ; the travelling is at an end , and you have nothing to do but rest and amuse yourself as you please
    现在要极力高兴起来旅行已经结束了,你没有什么事要做就歇着,爱怎么就怎么吧。 ”
  11. But he would lie there cold and white and make no sign - a poor little sufferer , whose griefs were at an end
  12. If history had to deal with external phenomena , the establishment of this simple and obvious law would be sufficient , and our argument would be at an end
  13. To die then , let them kill me to - morrow , let me be no more let it all go on , and let me be at an end . he vividly pictured his own absence from that life
    “死,明天我被杀死,我就不存在了这些东西都存在,可是我不存在了。 ”他生动地想象他不存在时生活中的情景。
  14. And ye shall not go out of the door of the tabernacle of the congregation in seven days , until the days of your consecration be at an end : for seven days shall he consecrate you
  15. This does not mean that ambition is at an end , that people no longer feel its stirrings and promptings , but only that , no longer openly honored , it is less openly professed
  16. Like a criminal being led to the gallows , who knows in a minute he must die , and yet stares about , and puts straight the cap awry on his head , moscow instinctively went on with the daily routine of life , though aware that the hour of ruin was approaching , when all the customary conditions of life would be at an end
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