be dead set against造句

"be dead set against"是什么意思   


  1. sperlich in particular was dead set against it .
  2. her father was dead set against her marrying tom
  3. the committee was dead set against this plan
  4. my husband is dead set against us living with my mother
  5. he is dead set against her ideas
  6. It's difficult to find be dead set against in a sentence. 用be dead set against造句挺难的
  7. mary wants to buy an expensive sports car, but her husband is dead set against it
  8. the specialty of management includes : ( 1 ) the strategy of accumulating a lot before starting a business; ( 2 ) consider gathering and editing news, advertisement, releasing three in one, never split them; ( 3 ) be dead set against the theory of " effective releasing "; ( 4 ) humane concern and strict, scientific management mechanism; ( 5 ) the incentive system; ( 6 ) the competition strategy of adapting to changes quickly


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