be dead to造句

"be dead to"是什么意思   


  1. Passersby were dead to our pleas for help
  2. Be dead to the world . / sleep like a log
  3. For i through the law am dead to the law , that i might live unto god
  4. That guy is dead to me
  5. God forbid . how shall we , that are dead to sin , live any longer therein
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  7. [ bbe ] in no way . how may we , who are dead to sin , be living in it any longer
  8. So , we have to be dead to the intangible costs , access to the mysteries of nature
  9. Be dead to
  10. Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin , but alive to god in christ jesus
    罗6 : 11这样、你们向罪也当看自己是死的向神在基督耶稣里、却当看自己是活的。
  11. All of our fruit trees , which had been dead to the root for many months , suddenly sprouted green leaves
  12. The next time you go to a retreat , just desire to know god : for just five days , be dead to the world
  13. To think of being alive in god , before we are dead to our own nature , is as impossible as for a grain of wheat to be alive before it dies
    而想想若不治死老我而要有神里面的生命,就如不让种子腐化而要小麦成长! ”
  14. Alas , my liege , my wife is dead to - night ; grief of my son ' s exile hath stopp ' d her breath : what further woe conspires against mine age
  15. Carrie answered , with affecting sweetness , " i cannot be that to you , but i can speak in the spirit of the laura who is dead to you forever .
    嘉莉的回答温柔感人: “我不能像以往那样待你了。过去的罗拉已经死了。不过我可以用罗拉的魂灵和你说话。 ”
  16. Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree , that we , being dead to sins , should live unto righteousness : by whose stripes ye were healed


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