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  1. Since the nature of us is poetic , thus i love inhabiting the earth poetically
    因为我们的本性是诗意的,所以我爱“诗意地栖居在大地上” 。
  2. Wang fan - zhi and han shan , both of who were poetic monks of the tang dynasty , were keen on and skilled in buddhist poems
  3. The great contributions made by changshu in qing dynasty to the history of traditional opera are poetic drama at all times and sixty melodies
    清代常熟在戏曲史上的重大贡献在于保存了《古今杂剧》和《六十种曲》 。
  4. As you are on your way to the age of 17 , on your way to the future , please accept my greeting : let there be poetic romance and full - blown beautiful flowers whenever and wherever in your life
  5. From one of the disposition - humor , this essay argues in three levels , that is poetic argument produced by humor , psychological perspective expressed through humor and the culture charms of humor , to testify the humorous characteristics of yuan mei ' s poetry that embodies the culture and society values
  6. It's difficult to find be poetic in a sentence. 用be poetic造句挺难的


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