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  1. The song also received a Grammy nomination in 2008 for Best Gospel Song.
  2. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award as the Best Gospel Song.
  3. The song is about wanting to see the world as Best Gospel Song category for 2009.
  4. It won the Grammy Award for " Best Gospel Song " at the 51st Grammy Awards in 2009.
  5. In December 2009, " The Motions " was Grammy-nominated for Best Gospel Song, his first Grammy nomination.
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  7. Its album track " Blessed & Highly Favored " won the Best Gospel Performance as well as the individual Best Gospel Song.
  8. The project also garnered two Grammy Awards : 2005 Best Gospel Performance-Be Blessed; 2006 Best Gospel Song-Victory.
  9. In early 2011, " Better Than a Hallelujah " received a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Song for songwriters Sarah Hart and Chapin Hartford.
  10. "You Reign " was nominated for Song of the Year at the 40th GMA Dove Awards and for " Best Gospel Song " at the 51st Grammy Awards.
  11. In 2004, McDonald recorded keyboards with Ray Charles on the song " Heaven Help Us All " for the Grammy Winning Best Gospel Song duet with Gladys Knight.
  12. In 2007 " Hero " won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album and " Imagine Me " won the Grammy Award for Best Gospel Song.
  13. In December 2008, the song received two Grammy Award nominations for the 51st Grammy Awards of 2009 in the categories " Best Gospel Song " and " Best Gospel Performance ".
  14. Sturm received a pair of Grammy nominations at the 52nd Grammy Awards for her work with Third Day : " Born Again " was nominated for Best Gospel Song and Best Gospel Performance.
  15. In 2011, the album and its title track, " Beautiful Things ", were nominated for the Grammy categories Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album and Best Gospel Song, respectively.
  16. It combines two previously separate categories in the Gospel / Contemporary Christian Music field, Best Gospel Song ( for songwriters ) and Best Gospel / Contemporary Christian Music Performance ( for performers ).
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