bill paschal造句


  1. He lost the rushing title to New York's Bill Paschal by one yard.
  2. James, who with 1, 469 yards leads Minnesota's Robert Smith by 11, would join Dickerson, Campbell, Jim Brown and Bill Paschal ( Giants,'46 and'47 ).
  3. In 1944, led by standout halfback Bill Paschal, whose 737 rushing yards and 54 points led the team, the Giants reached the championship game where they faced the Green Bay Packers for the third time in 10 seasons.
  4. Led by Green Bay's end Don Hutson, quarterback Irv Comp, and running back Ted Fritsch who scored two touchdowns, the Packers compiled a 14 7 victory over the Giants, prevailing over the Giants'star running back Bill Paschal and quarterback Arnie Herber.
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