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  1. 8th District ( Passaic and Essex counties ) : Bill Pascrell Jr . ( D)
  2. Bill Pascrell Jr ., a Democrat whose House district includes West Orange, has taken on Fong's plight with zeal.
  3. Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., a former mayor of Paterson, told about 50 preservationists and local government officials as the falls in the background tumbled 77 feet into a gorge.
  4. "There has not been the total commitment on the administration's part to this issue, " said Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., D-N . J.
  5. "What will I do before I decide ? " asked Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., D-N . J ., who is also among the fence sitters.
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  7. "We often had to have two press conferences : one with one senator and one with the other senator, " recalled Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., a New Jersey Democrat.
  8. "Dick Gephardt's stock has risen tremendously, " said Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., a first-term Democrat from New Jersey who is a strong supporter of organized labor.
  9. Among the 90 Democrats who joined 207 Republicans and one independent in voting for the amendment was Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr . of New Jersey, who said Congress should seize back power from the Supreme Court.
  10. Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., D-N . J ., called the energy company, which gave to both Democrats and Republicans, " a perfect example of the corruption of money in politics ."
  11. 8th District ( Passaic and Essex counties ) : Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., a Democrat, and Matt Kirnan, the young Republican lawyer challenging him, are surprisingly close on the issues, and unpredictable in their opinions.
  12. Also Thursday, U . S . Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., D-N . J ., filed a petition with the U . S . Court of Appeals asking the court to review the regulatory commission's approval.
  13. "There are 450 billionaires in the U . S ., " warned the supporter, Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr . " And if they fan out across the country, they can consume all of the congressional districts ."
  14. Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., D-N . J ., said, " Members of Congress have a legitimate right to address their concerns and opinions, but I don't believe this is the time to pile on the president ."
  15. "The emphasis is too much on fund-raising, and that's not what led me to run in the first place, " said Martini, who last month passed up a rematch against Rep . Bill Pascrell Jr ., a freshman Democrat.
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