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  1. They only appear in, where the captain is played by Bill Paterson.
  2. Bill Paterson is the embodiment of kindness and reason as Molly's father.
  3. CAST : Andie MacDowell, Imelda Staunton, Anna Chancellor, Kenny Doughty, Bill Paterson
  4. Contrast Michael Douglas'melodrama with Bill Paterson's marvelously shaded performance as Lithgow.
  5. Bill Paterson has called him " a huge hero " for his work.
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  7. The cast was Bill Paterson and Sheila Gish, with the setting in Richmond, Surrey.
  8. The cast includes Anita Dobson, Bill Paterson and Amit Shah.
  9. In the episode, Bill Paterson ) to be used as weapons in the war effort.
  10. He also worked with co-star Bill Paterson on the feature film " The Match ".
  11. During the 1960s Bill Paterson and Steven Berkoff.
  12. Her most notable role was as Bill Paterson.
  13. A special version was produced for the BBC's 1973 Hogmanay Show and saw the first TV appearance of Bill Paterson.
  14. ""'Ed Stone Is Dead " "'was a 2002 BBC sitcom starring Richard Blackwood, Daniel Brocklebank, Bill Paterson and Claudie Blakley.
  15. Its patrons are Benedict Cumberbatch, Maureen Lipman, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Michael Palin, Bill Paterson, Victoria Wood and Mark Kermode.
  16. And there is the mystery, complete with a somewhat menacing man ( Bill Paterson ) who keeps following the snooping couple.
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