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  1. My education had started with Bill Patrick's demonstration of how easily anthrax could be slipped past airport security.
  2. In April 1951, Bill Patrick arrived at the Detrick army base on the outskirts of Frederick, Md . He was 25.
  3. During the playoffs, NBC reporters such as Bob Neumeier and Bill Patrick served as a moderator for McGuire and Milbury's analysis.
  4. WITH : Ken Ailbek, Richard Danzig, Riley Housewright, Robert Kadlec, Jack McGeorge, Bill Patrick, Sergei Popov, Representative Christopher Shays, Richard Spetzel and Al Zelicoff.
  5. After Alibek arrived in the United States, he was debriefed for the Central Intelligence Agency by Bill Patrick, who helped run the United States'biological-weapons program from 1948 to 1969.
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  7. Bill Patrick, an old-line biological warrior, is shown in his front yard spraying anthrax simulant out of a Flit gun, as he has done for countless journalists, myself included.
  8. Standing in his study, a waltz playing in the background, Bill Patrick reached into an old green duffel bag, pulled out a garden sprayer and pointed out an inconspicuous detail at its tip.
  9. "I don't think I could have done it quicker, " said Bill Patrick, the retired chief of the product development division in the former U . S . biological warfare program.
  10. As I washed my hands and tried to dust off the powder that clung to my pants and shoes, I thought about what Bill Patrick, my friend and bio-weapons mentor, had told me : anthrax was hard to weaponize.
  11. Bill Patrick and Sergei Popov, scientists who developed biological weapons for America and the Soviet Union, respectively, describe some of the sinister agents they created, some of which offer what is called " a doomsday type of scenario ."
  12. The " who's who " and who-cares alumni roll call : Steve Albert, Bruce Beck, Jim Bergamo, Tim Brando, Larry Burnett, Carolyn Burns, Eric Clemons, Mike Crispino, Dick Galiette, Gayle Gardner, Rhonda Glenn, George Grande, Greg Gumbel, Brett Haber, Wayne Hagin, Craig Kilborn, Lee Leonard, Kevin Lynn, Sal Marchiano, Alan Massengale, Tom McDonald, Tom Mees, Anne Montgomery, Jimmy Myers, Chris Myers, Dick O'Connell, Keith Olbermann, Larry Ostermann, Lou Palmer, Bill Patrick, Bill Perry, Tom Pipens, Karie Ross, Dave Sanders, John Sanders, John Saunders, Sharon Smith, David Sullivan, Roger Twibell, Bob Waller and Greg Wyatt.


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