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  1. Bill Patterson as he stood on a residential street holding a rifle loaded with rubber shot.
  2. First place points for that race were therefore awarded to the second placed driver, Bill Patterson.
  3. Lex Davison won his second AGP a victory he shared after using Bill Patterson as a relief driver.
  4. "Everybody's nerves are on edge, " said the postmaster, Bill Patterson, 41.
  5. "Rumor control is a main reason for these meetings, " said NAIA executive vice president Bill Patterson.
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  7. Despite the crippled engine, the landing was " smooth as silk, " ground crew worker Bill Patterson said.
  8. "There's no way they can re-use it, " said Bill Patterson, who examined the engine.
  9. Bill Patterson said, watching the two tow-headed girls racing down the corridor of Roaring Mouse's toy-littered office suite.
  10. "The disparity is appalling, " said Bill Patterson, director of the AFL-CIO's office of investment in Washington.
  11. Bill Patterson, the AFL-CIO's pension policy chief, said : " The central issue is the security of retirement benefits.
  12. Of her four July 1924 recordings, two were labeled " Roba Stanley and Bill Patterson " and the other two were " The Stanly Trio ".
  13. "This is a company that knows how to service a problem, " said Bill Patterson, the union's director of corporate affairs.
  14. "We need to be convinced this board will respect shareholders and we haven't seen that, " said Bill Patterson of the Teamsters.
  15. The list is " an attempt to put a face on inefficient board oversight, " said Bill Patterson, the teamsters'director of corporate affairs.
  16. That list, said Bill Patterson, the teamsters'director of corporate affairs, was " an attempt to put a face on inefficient board oversight ."
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