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  1. However, the bills Paul introduced were not enacted into law.
  2. Bill Paul said at Mother's Federal Hill Grille.
  3. Other hosts have included Bill Paul, Tom Harrington and Wendy Mesley.
  4. Thanks to you all, especially Bill Paul, who started it all.
  5. Tournament director Bill Paul did a radio interview about the strength of the field.
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  7. In addition to the Sabres'debut, the Buffalo Bills Paul Snyder sold the team in 1976.
  8. "Naturally we are disappointed that Phil won't be joining us this year, " tournament director Bill Paul said.
  9. "Beginning today, packages over 12 ounces are being refused or returned to sender, " said postal service spoesman Bill Paul.
  10. "We hope this doesn't run forever, " said Bill Paul, a spokesman for the postal service in San Francisco.
  11. Then, wouldn't you know, Bill Paul himself called to say he found the cakes at a True Value Store, Dawson's in Beverly.
  12. The stadium was home to the hour record from 1935 to 1967 and the one-hour tandem record of Ernest Mills and Bill Paul from 1937 to 2000.
  13. "Ex-Im is not supporting an aircraft that will be in competition with Boeing, " said Bill Paul, a United Technologies senior vice president.
  14. "It's unbelievable how quickly they're spreading, " said Bill Paul, the editor and publisher of School Transportation News, a monthly trade publication.
  15. Bill Paul said his co-owner and chef, Steve Kalagoras, cooks with a dash of koutourou, which is Greek for " a little of this, a little of that ."
  16. Like many, 68-year-old Bill Paul, wore his team pride for all to see : his purple-painted face and purple-dyed hair peeped out from under his purple cowboy hat.
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