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  1. 27th District : Thomas Fricano, Democrat; Bill Paxon, Republican ( X ).
  2. Molinari whispered to her husband, Rep . Bill Paxon, R-N . Y.
  3. "But first we're going to hear from our weatherman, Bill Paxon ."
  4. She is married to Rep . Bill Paxon, R-N . Y.
  5. Bill Paxon is a lobbyist who knows how to show a little leg.
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  7. Former Rep . Bill Paxon will chair the overall advisory committee.
  8. Her husband, Bill Paxon, is the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.
  9. The average person doesn't care about Newt Gingrich or Bill Paxon.
  10. He joins Susan Molinari from Staten Island and her husband, Bill Paxon of Buffalo.
  11. Republican Rep . Bill Paxon of New York said Sunday.
  12. More resolute than penitent, Rep . Bill Paxon is plotting his return from exile.
  13. But now Bill Paxon has an independent claim to fame.
  14. Bill Paxon, a prominent House Republican who used to support MFN, has now switched sides.
  15. Republican Rep . Bill Paxon of New York said.
  16. Bill Paxon is no more responsible than I am,
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