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  1. Fifty years later , disney studios has brought us many wonderful true life stories of people reaching their own dreams such as the rookie and the movie miracle . today with director bill paxton , they bring us another true life story of a young man reaching his own impossible dream . the name of the movie is the greatest game ever played . its a true story of an amateur golfer who shocked the world at the 1913 us open when he defeated his idol harry vardon and won the tournament
    今天他们有导演比尔派斯顿,为大家带来另一真人真事电影,讲述一名青年达成了不可能的梦想电影名为the greatest game ever played ,内容是关于一个外行的哥尔夫球手,在1913年全美公开赛,击败他的偶像华登,夺得锦标赛冠军,震惊全球。
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