1. Rejoined stryver , laughing boastfully , though i don t prefer any claim to being the soul of romance for i hope i , know better , still i am a tenderer sort of fellow than you
    斯特莱佛回答,夸耀地笑着, “我虽然不愿自命为罗曼斯的灵魂因为我希望自己头脑更清醒,可总比你要温柔些,多情些。 ”
  2. And besides , it did not seem reasonable that he should be right - he who had stood , so short a time before , in that same living room , blushing and awkward , acknowledging his introduction , looking fearfully about him at the bric - a - brac his swinging shoulders threatened to break , asking how long since swinburne died , and boastfully announcing that he had read " excelsior " and the " psalm of life .
  3. The snow lay yards deep in our road ; and , as we floundered on , my companion wearied me with constant reproaches that i had not brought a pilgrim s staff : telling me that i could never get into the house without one , and boastfully flourishing a heavy - headed cudgel , which i understood to be so denominated
  4. It's difficult to find boastfully in a sentence. 用boastfully造句挺难的


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