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  1. By 2004, the number of unauthorized boat arrivals had been reduced dramatically.
  2. The government pointed out that by that November the boat arrivals had stopped.
  3. On 19 June, the Government announced six months since the last successful illegal boat arrival.
  4. Government policy towards unauthorised boat arrivals remained controversial for the life of the Rudd Government.
  5. Throughout 2009 2010, a flow of boat arrivals re-emerged.
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  7. Statistics retrieved from Department of Parliamentary Services research paper,'Boat arrivals in Australia since 1976', p . 22.
  8. "We need to ensure our policies and programs aren't compromised by illegal boat arrivals to this country,"
  9. On 30 March 2014, the Coalition announced that 100 days had passed since a " successful boat arrival ".
  10. B錿sfjord is one of the biggest fishing ports in Finnmark county with around 10, 000 boat arrivals each year.
  11. The flow of asylum seeker boat arrivals to Australia had re-emerged following the first Rudd Government's relaxation of border controls.
  12. Scott Morrison was tasked with managing the government's efforts at stemming the flow of deaths at sea, and unauthorised boat arrivals.
  13. The government of John Howard extended the time they spent in mandatory detention and introduced temporary protection visas for boat arrivals.
  14. The Gillard Government undertook a series of adjustments to Australia's system of mandatory detention amid a growing stream of unauthorised boat arrivals.
  15. However, the archbishop of Foggia, Monsignor Giuseppe Casale, in Puglia called for the army to join police patrols against new boat arrivals.
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