bottle can造句


  1. Plastic soda bottles can be made into sweaters or carpet fibers.
  2. The bottles can be cleaned and reused 15 to 20 times.
  3. The whole bottle can sell for $ 8, 000.
  4. Large-to-gigantic bottles can be very festive.
  5. Magnetic bottles can be used to temporarily trap charged particles.
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  7. Storage in amber-colored bottles can help to minimize light exposure.
  8. Collared bottles can be related to the Kragenflaschenhorizont of the late TBK.
  9. The Ecologic bottle can be customized to a brand's specifications.
  10. Up to six bottles can accompany the main beer bottle.
  11. Passing airplanes and wayward wine bottles can interrupt subtle passages of classical music.
  12. What's more, these bottles can be refilled from the tap.
  13. Prescription bottles can lead to a doctor who might know the family connection.
  14. Plastic bottles can be put to many other uses.
  15. Unopened bottles can last for years, Rice said.
  16. Depending on the shape, these bottles can be quite difficult to clean.
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