1. The first ternary computer, " Setun ", was developed by Nikolay Brusentsov.
  2. The film also features Vladimir Vysotsky as Brusentsov, a cynical and disillusioned officer in Wrangel's Army.
  3. It was built under the leadership of Sergei Sobolev and Nikolay Brusentsov . It was the most modern ternary computer, using the balanced ternary numeral system and three-valued ternary logic instead of the two-valued binary logic prevalent in other computers.
  4. In the early days of computing, a few experimental Soviet computers were built with balanced ternary instead of binary, the most famous being the Setun, built by Nikolay Brusentsov and Sergei Sobolev . The notation has a number of computational advantages over regular binary.
  5. Two of Vysotsky's 1968 films, Gennady Poloka's " Intervention " ( premiered in May 1987 ) where he was cast as Brodsky, a dodgy even if highly artistic character, and Yevgeny Karelov's " Two Comrades Were Serving " ( a gun-toting White Army officer Brusentsov who in the course of the film shoots his friend, his horse, Oleg Yankovsky's good guy character and, finally himself )  were severely censored, first of them shelved for twenty years.
  6. It's difficult to find brusentsov in a sentence. 用brusentsov造句挺难的


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