1. Substitute Julie Bukh scored for Denmark four minutes later after a corner kick.
  2. From its history, we see Anastasia . Bukh has renamed the article without discussion.
  3. His Brooklyn criminal lawyer Arkady Bukh said it could take several years until Yakovlev was sentenced.
  4. Nikolai Bukh, S . A . Ivanova, Andrei Presnyakov and others were also on trial.
  5. Another influential work of old Yiddish literature is the " Mayse-bukh " (  Story Book ).
  6. It's difficult to find bukh in a sentence. 用bukh造句挺难的
  7. When the Sol went into liquidation Rydahl Bukh returned to Denmark and joined Br鴑dby's sworn rivals Fortuna Hj鴕ring instead.
  8. From Italian, it passed into Yiddish, where the " Bovo-Bukh " became the first non-religious book to be printed in Yiddish.
  9. He was the author of the " Bovo-Bukh " ( written in 1507 & ndash; 1508 ), the most popular romance written in Yiddish.
  10. Proteum represents and distributes a portfolio of marine products and services across the UK and Ireland, these including Bukh, Marine Diesel Sweden, OXE Diesel and Konrad propulsion systems.
  11. Yakovlev's lawyer, Arkady Bukh, has stated that he expects Mr . Yakovlev's sentence to be significantly reduced in exchange for Yakovlev's testimony at trial.
  12. After leaving Sydney FC, Rydahl Bukh and Paaske-S鴕ensen had expected to join the American Women's Professional Soccer ( WPS ) league, having signed contracts with Los Angeles Sol.
  13. Putting aside the similarities in grammar style, Quantum666, Tuscumbia, and Anastasia . Bukh all seem to employ a uniform style of argument in the article relating to the Nagorno Karabakh Conflict.
  14. The Collection also exhibits some historical machinery, such as a band saw based sawmill driven by a Bukh engine via an elaborate belt drive, connecting the indoor engine with the outdoor sawmill.
  15. Following this ban, he formally created an account with the same name, and began editing alongside several newer accounts, including Anastasia . Bukh, who created his account in mid-July.
  16. The most important works of this genre are the " Shmuel-Bukh " and the " Mlokhim-Bukh " & ndash; chivalric romances about king David and other Biblical heroes.
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