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  1. The pie is stocked by corner shops and some supermarkets within Lancashire.
  2. He won by corner stoppage at the end of the second round.
  3. Below the roof is a wide entablature, supported by corner pilasters.
  4. It is bordered on all four sides by corner flower beds.
  5. Ortiz defeated Shamrock by corner stoppage after the third round ended.
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  7. IAMX was founded by Corner in 2004 in London.
  8. Barkley again lost by corner retirement after nine rounds.
  9. The stadium has got 4 terraces connected by corners.
  10. The three stage square tower, which is supported by corner buttresses is from the 15th century.
  11. Both contain sometimes strong and controversial visual content, often directed, shot and edited by Corner himself.
  12. The gable end is pedimented, and an entablature wraps around the house, supported by corner pilasters.
  13. Then on the first play, Beuerlein was picked off by corner Phillippi Sparks, an Arizona native.
  14. However, his path in the Yankees organization is blocked by corner infielders with better defensive ability.
  15. The stage design consists of art and props constructed by Corner and his live band members.
  16. Outlines of the foundations indicate that the church originally had an octagonal center, surrounded by corner niches.
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