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  1. Flanking the chimney are two small four-light casement sash windows.
  2. Window openings contain either single or paired casement sash with corresponding transoms.
  3. Steel casement sashes replaced wood in the 1920s.
  4. The attic story on the gable ends has four-light upward-swinging casement sashes.
  5. The verandahs to the north and south have been enclosed with weatherboards and casement sash windows.
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  7. Windows in Colonial New England and early Dutch houses featured wood casement sashes and leaded glass panes.
  8. "Casement sashes that opened outward would weather from the elements, " explained Bucher.
  9. The casement windows are two eight-light casement sash topped with two four-light awning windows.
  10. The vertical window bands consist of replacement aluminum triple casement sash with trisected transoms set in the original bronze frames.
  11. The third floor of the building sits back slightly from the west and north faces of the building, and are divided into twelve bays of fenestration with the same replacement aluminum triple casement sash with trisected transoms.


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