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  1. Well, then, wouldn't a suit of chain armor be safer yet?
  2. The shot cut part of the chain armor and dented the wooden planking underneath.
  3. Thor receives his " chain armor " as a gift from his father Odin in the episode " Support your Local Sky-Father ".
  4. In 1877, the rail and chain armor installed in 1865 was removed during a major repair, allowing the recovery of her original stability.
  5. The presence of elite warriors can be documented by spurs, chain armors, gold-plated parts of military equipment, gold-coated and silver-coated adornments and other luxury objects.
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  7. Thus, in Goguryeo society, King Dongmyeong was believed to embody a suit of chain armor and a sharp spear, and was prayed to during times of war.
  8. In addition, " Alabama " s too rapid rate-of-fire resulted in frequent poor gunnery, with many of her shots going too high, and as a result " Kearsarge " benefited little that day from the protection of her outboard chain armor.
  9. Most dramatic of these finds, perhaps, was Schledermann's recovery of pieces of Viking chain armor and fragments of a Norse ship from the vicinity of an aboriginal settlement on the eastern edge of Canada's Ellesmere Island, less than 800 miles from the North Pole.
  10. This armor belt was hit twice during the fight : First in the starboard gangway by one of " Alabama " s 32-pounder shells which cut the chain armor, denting the hull planking underneath, then again by a second 32-pounder shell that exploded and broke a link of the chain, tearing away a portion of the deal-board covering.


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