char d1造句


  1. The type resembled the suspension of the earlier Char D1 and Char D2.
  2. Today not a single Char D1 survives; the only extant related vehicle is one " NC27 " in Sweden.
  3. They would be the last French tanks to be produced for the home market till the Char D1 pre-series of 1931.
  4. In 1930, at a time the Char D1 had not even entered production, the Renault company agreed to build a better armoured version called the Char D2.
  5. The FT was the ancestor of a long line of French tanks : the FT K間resse, the NC1, the NC2, the Char D1, and the Char D2.
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  7. The French plan of 1926, calling for the creation of a Light Infantry Support Tank, led to the development of the existing Renault NC1 prototype into the Char D1.
  8. On this occasion even a Panzerkampfwagen IV was destroyed by Char D1 fire, which was quite a feat given the poor anti-armour capacity of the 47 mm SA34 gun.
  9. Likewise the TRC 37L was not in common use in the colonies; but when the 67e BCC, equipped with the Char D1, was in June brought over from Tunisia, it was yet provided with tractors.
  10. Together with the Char D1 pre-series they represented the only modern tanks in France and the Army was naturally very interested in what lessons could be learned from them about future warfare, outlining the concept of a " Char de Manoeuvre ".
  11. Like with the Char D1 there is a crew of three, but the radio-telegraphy operator is sitting to the right of the driver instead of the commander, and the antenna, of the ER52 set, has been moved to a position next to him.
  12. However, even in 1926 the project had been seen as more of a cheaper alternative to the Char B than as a pure light infantry tank; the political situation of the early thirties would force the Char D1 completely into the role of " Char de Bataille " or " battle tank ".
  13. The ST2, weighing 1788 kg, brought the total weight to fourteen metric tons and, costing 100, 000 FF per piece, the total vehicle price to 475, 000 FF . The Char D1 was thus neither particularly light nor cheap, causing the Hotchkiss company to propose a design better conforming to the role of mass-produced light infantry tank, which proposal would eventually result in no less than three production types : the Hotchkiss H35, Renault R35 and FCM 36.


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