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  1. So, why show it again, when Char Davies'virtual-reality works, favored by two curators, have not been in New York since 1995?
  2. Virtual reality environnements like works by Maurice Benayoun and Jeffrey Shaw are highly interactive as the work the spectators  Maurice Benayoun call them " visitors ", Char Davies " immersants "  interact with take all their fields of perception.
  3. Ultimately, the Visual Thesaurus is for logophiles who like to watch, immersing its viewers in a dynamic word-strewn universe that is reminiscent of the text-based space created by the digital artist Char Davies for her virtual-reality environment Osmose.
  4. Immersion can also be defined as the state of consciousness where a " visitor " ( Maurice Benayoun ) or " immersant " ( Char Davies )'s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an artificial environment; used for describing partial or complete suspension of disbelief, enabling action or reaction to stimulations encountered in a virtual or artistic environment.
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