char g1造句


  1. The "'Char G1 "'was a French replacement project for the Char D2 medium tank.
  2. Two versions were considered on 24 April 1942, both fitted with the larger FCM-turret, originally developed for the Char G1.
  3. After the Fall of France, work on new designs, such as the Char G1, officially halted, although there was some clandestine designing done.
  4. On 1 April 1940 a subcommission received Renault's head engineer Serre, who argued it would be folly to discontinue the Char G1 project as it was so near fruition.
  5. On 22 December 1939 it was restarted but merely as a technology demonstrator; at the time of the Fall of France the vehicle was still unfinished and without turret, though it was the only offshoot of the Char G1 project to near completion or even to be in a running condition.
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  7. As France had been rather isolated from engineering developments in the rest of the world, the designers based themselves on types they already knew well, mainly the Char B1, the Char G1 and the FCM F1  contrary to what some sources state the ARL 44 was not directly derived from the earlier ARL 40 project.
  8. When a better armament was demanded, it was understood through a study by the " Section de l'Armement et des 蓆udes Techniques " ( SAET ) on 5 April 1937 that the tank would still weigh about twenty tons, while another tank, the Char G1, was already in development in this weight class.
  9. In order to address some of the shortcomings of the S35, SOMUA presented the improved "'AC5 "'type in 1939 . Based on the SAu 40 chassis and its Char G1-project but with the original width, this "'SOMUA S40 "'had a welded ARL 2C turret and redesigned cast superstructure, both to lower production costs and to improve protection standards as the cast sections, delivered by eighteen subcontractors, sometimes were of inferior quality.
  10. It proposed to design a light airborne tank, based on the Renault ZT . To save weight several innovative technologies would be applied : the use of light alloys; replacing the original chassis and turret using riveted armour plates with a cast hull and welded dome-shaped turret; the use of sloped armour and finally the use of the turret configuration already in development for the Char G1, featuring a gun mount on the bottom of the tank, obviating the need to install a heavy gun mantlet.


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