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  1. Engelberg said he is planning to sue Cramer and others for character defamation.
  2. In 2015 the founder counter-sued with claims of character defamation by the former business partner.
  3. In his suit Blatter cited 16 passages in the book that amount to " character defamation, " said Herren.
  4. Other clients threaten their former employers with a character defamation lawsuit if they continue to spread untrue stories to potential employers.
  5. She complains that after rejecting his advances she was punished by being denied promotion by the state and suffering character defamation.
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  7. In August 2006, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich filed a lawsuit against Murtha for character defamation during an ongoing investigation into the Haditha incident.
  8. In 1998, the Brawley scandal was revived, when Pagones's lawsuit against Sharpton and two associates came to trial and a jury found them liable for character defamation.
  9. In January 2006, Doan sued Coderre for character defamation seeking $ 250, 000 in damages with Doan promising to donate all damages awarded to charities to benefit Canadians.
  10. Last week he and teammate Michael Irvin settled a character defamation lawsuit against KXAS-TV, capping an ordeal that began near the end of last season with allegedly false rape accusations against the pair.
  11. Gatoclass has been accused of several things here that come very close to character defamation ( especially for him, being an admin ), and I believe an apology is in order . talk ) 02 : 51, 3 April 2010 ( UTC)
  12. It would be fun to go on and on about the fun : the fun it's been committing character defamation against the Clintons, the nutty sport of Newt's best-selling literary career, the fun of turning off your brain and lapping up the sound bites.
  13. In late March 2005, the Ch醰ez government passed a series of media regulations that criminalised broadcast libel and slander directed against public officials; prison sentences of up to 40 months for serious instances of character defamation launched against Ch醰ez and other officials were enacted.


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