charterhouse capital partners造句


  1. He was also the Senior Advisor of Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP since 2006.
  2. In 2012, Hellman & Friedman acquired Wood Mackenzie from Charterhouse Capital Partners.
  3. Founded in 1934, Charterhouse Capital Partners is the oldest buyout firm in Britain.
  4. Skillsoft was sold by Berkshire Partners to Charterhouse Capital Partners on April 28, 2014.
  5. In June 2005, the Barracuda Group was sold for ?62 million to Charterhouse Capital Partners.
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  7. TES Connect is run by TES Global, which was previously owned by Charterhouse Capital Partners from 2007.
  8. The Webhelp management team became controlling shareholders, alongside KKR, while Charterhouse Capital Partners stepped back after over four years of successful collaboration with the company.
  9. "' Charterhouse Capital Partners "'is a private equity investment firm focusing on leveraged buyout of established, substantial businesses, based in Western Europe.
  10. On 20 July 2001 Alstom Contracting was subject to a Leveraged Management Buyout supported by Caisse des d閜魌s et consignations and Charterhouse Capital Partners, and was renamed Cegelec.
  11. He is a partner in merchant bank, Charterhouse Capital Partners : coincidentally, one of his professional rivals is a descendent of the first Marquess'adversary, Napoleon Bonaparte.
  12. In 2015, " The Wall Street Journal " called Charterhouse Capital Partners " the elder statesman of British private equity, 80 years old and among London's most prestigious and private firms ".
  13. "' Acromas Holdings "'is a holding company formed in May 2007 by Charterhouse Capital Partners, CVC Capital Partners and Permira to act as the parent company of Saga, ahead of the companies'mergers in September 2007.
  14. Bureau van Dijk was then sold to Charterhouse Capital Partners in July 2011, backed with 505 million euros of leveraged loans, In July 2014, EQT Partners purchased Bureau van Dijk from Charterhouse backed by a 845 million-euro equivalent leveraged loan financing.


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