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  1. Also present were Jawi State Assemblywoman Tan Cheng Liang and MCA senators.
  2. The leader of the delegation Dr Lee Cheng Liang expressed keen interest to invest in education, IT and power sectors.
  3. "' Goh Cheng Liang "'(; born 1927 / 28 ) is a Singaporean billionaire businessman who founded Wuthelam Holdings, which manufactures paint and coatings.
  4. Tan Cheng Liang ( BN-Jawi ) also urged the State Government to ensure water rates were not raised after corporatisation as the PWA had enough money.
  5. Barisan Nasional Assemblywoman for Jawi Tan Cheng Liang voiced the thoughts of many when she asked : " Since the PWA has been making profits running into tens of millions of ringgit, why raise rates ?"
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  7. Asked by Tan Cheng Liang ( BN-Jawi ) on the condition of the beaches in the State, Kee said the committee was working closely with the municipalities to ensure that they were clean at all times.
  8. On the question of malnutrition faced by Indian children in estates raised by Tan Cheng Liang ( BN-Jawi ), Dr Rajapathy said his committee had carried out various projects to provide nourishing food to children and pregnant mothers.
  9. "Kids should have the right to be with their families _ they haven't done anything wrong, " said Lam Shiao-lian, 49, a legal resident of Hong Kong whose 26-year-old daughter, Cheng Liang-liang, has been applying to leave China since 1978.
  10. On Nov 4, 2013, China Ceramics appointed Mr . Shen Cheng Liang as an independent member of the Company's Board of Directors, to replace Mr . Ding Wei Dong, who resigned from the Board of Directors due to health reasons.


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