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  1. Earthweek moved briefly to Universal Press Syndicate in 1998, when Andrews McMeel Universal purchased Chronicle Features.
  2. The January issue of China Chronicle features Li's speech to a group of delegates at that congress.
  3. :: : : : The hampshire chronicle featured a monthly update on the debate, from 1994-1996.
  4. Their first album, Bowtie Chronicles featured bassist Jon Coates and guitarist Dan Pilver along with Tony Volpe, Spellman and Batts.
  5. Sunday features section and, later, was features editor, editor of the Sunday paper and general manager of Chronicle Features syndicate.
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  7. Universal, a subsidiary of Jim Andrews and John McMeel's Andrews McMeel Universal, founded in 1970, purchased Chronicle Features in 1997.
  8. In order to make it more accessible, scenario writer Masaru Oka was in charge of the Chronicles feature, which explains events from previous games.
  9. Rall's cartoons have been handled by San Francisco Chronicle Features, no longer in business, and  since 1996  by Universal Press Syndicate.
  10. The event was accompanied by a weekly Oldham Evening Chronicle feature which counted down the 20 weeks leading to the event with archive stories, photographs and articles on its achievements and history.
  11. Mr . Arnold wrote in his note to The Chronicle, " he did precious little, editing copy for Chronicle Features, protesting U . S . complicity in Central America bloodshedding.
  12. EDITORS NOTE : Every other week, The Chronicle features " Learning to Cook " by Marion Cunningham, a cooking teacher and cookbook author best known for her revisions of the Fannie Farmer cookbooks.
  13. The Examiner, the flagship of the media empire William Randolph Hearst began 112 years ago, has a circulation of 107, 129 daily, and 578, 541 when its news sections are combined with Chronicle features on Sunday.
  14. In 1981, The Houston Chronicle featured her as'Scholastic Wonder'; she also received commendation from The Office of The Ambassador of The Royal Netherlands for her scholastic achievement and her humanitarian effort in fund raising to aid the Vietnamese refugees.
  15. In 1979 he was signed by the small Chronicle Features Syndicate in San Francisco, and his cartoons began appearing in newspapers throughout the country-- a few of which subsequently canceled it because of what they considered its " sick " or morbid humor.
  16. "' Kerry Waghorn "'( born January 10, 1947 ) is a syndicated caricaturist whose " Faces in the News " feature, established in 1977 by Chronicle Features ( " San Francisco Chronicle " ) is a journalistic legend.
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