clue jr造句


  1. Hasbro Interactive has started a new line of kids software called Clue Jr . SpyGlass Mysteries.
  2. A similar series of books featuring the " Clue Jr . " characters was also published.
  3. The " Clue Jr . " series originally had all six characters, but suddenly, some of the characters were taken out, leaving only four.
  4. There are a few Clue Jr variants there, and as long as you can find pretty much any link documenting that version, you can add a small description there.
  5. I submitted an article, Wikipedia talk : Articles for creation / Clue jr . : The case of the missing cake, for review a couple days ago, and it was rejected for lack of references.
  6. It's difficult to find clue jr in a sentence. 用clue jr造句挺难的


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