commissaire divisionnaire造句


  1. In the past, the group was composed of 30 Commissaire divisionnaire de Police was alternately in charge.
  2. The first GIPN was created on 27 October 1972 in Marseille by the commissaire divisionnaire Georges Nguyen Van Loc and could only intervene at the request of judges or prosecutors.
  3. Later, Jules accidentally comes into possession of an audio cassette with the recorded testimony of a prostitute, Nadia, which exposes a senior police officer, " Commissaire divisionnaire"
  4. Between 1994 and 1996, he was chief of the Criminal Brigade, before rising to commissaire divisionnaire and heading the BRB . From 2000, he supervised the Criminal Brigade at the Direction de la police judiciaire at the Prefecture of Police.
  5. A " commissaire " may be promoted to " commissaire divisionnaire " ( a rank which existed in the Paris Police and the Mobile Brigades from the early 20th century ), and thence to the higher ranks of the service.
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