commissaire jules maigret造句


  1. .. . that, amongst others, actors Kinya Aikawa, Bruno Cremer, Gino Cervi, Rupert Davies, Jean Gabin, Michael Gambon, Richard Harris, Charles Laughton, Pierre Renoir, Jean Richard, and Heinz R黨mann have all portrayed Georges Simenon's Commissaire Jules Maigret?
  2. Rupert Davies who played MP Vincent Broadhead would go on to find fame as S鹯et?detective Commissaire Jules Maigret, the title character of 1960s TV series " the Master in " Doctor Who " ( 1971 73 ), played a journalist who helps Quatermass before falling victim to " the mark " in episode four . and Melvyn Hayes, who played the small role of Frankie, became one of the stars of the popular sitcom " It Ain't Half Hot Mum " ( 1974 81 ).
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