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  1. The episode was a part of the series " Les Enqu阾es du Commissaire Maigret ".
  2. Richard appeared in some 80 movies, but it was his TV role as Commissaire Maigret that made him famous.
  3. A French TV adaptation aired on 24 February 1968 as part of the series " Les enqu阾es du commissaire Maigret ".
  4. In 1930, the most famous character invented by Simenon, Commissaire Maigret, made his first appearance in a piece in " Detective " written at Joseph Kessel's request.
  5. Dumas also contributed to eight films without Fernandel, including his first two already mentioned, " C閏ile est morte " by Maurice Tourneur ( 1944, with Albert Pr閖ean featuring commissaire Maigret ).
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  7. A French version, " Les Enqu阾es du Commissaire Maigret ", starred Jean Richard in more than 80 episodes of a long-running series from 1967 to 1990 on French television & mdash; however, Simenon himself is said to have disliked Richard's Maigret because he would not take his hat off when entering a room.


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