1. After the liberation of France, the commissaires de la R閜ublique ".
  2. His team protested the sprint, but the race commissaires took no further action.
  3. Paris has well over one hundred commissaires.
  4. A commissaires role in the Cyclo-cross is quite the same as in mtb.
  5. All " commissaires " are graduates and can fulfill both administrative and investigative roles.
  6. It's difficult to find commissaires in a sentence. 用commissaires造句挺难的
  7. There were also additional " commissaires " commanding specialist units in the Judicial Police.
  8. Until now, only French auctioneers, called commissaires-priseurs, were licensed to work in France.
  9. In that way the judges, or commissaires, could see if a rider had illegally changed bikes.
  10. Le d閏ret du 3 octobre 1943 d閟ignait d閖?17 CRR, 3 commissaires hors cadre et 50 pr閒ets.
  11. The Chief Commissaire or President of the Commissaires'Panel is the holder of ultimate authority over the event.
  12. Amidst widespread confusion and chaos, a temporary government was led by technicians ( Coll鑗e des Commissaires ) with Evariste Kimba.
  13. Within the areas of the sport governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale, commissaires hold licences issued by their national federations.
  14. Until now, only government-licensed judicial officials, called commissaires-priseurs, were allowed to hold auctions in France.
  15. He took great care in the recruitment of police commissioners ( " commissaires de police " ) to assist him.
  16. The UCI appoints the chief commissaires for international events on its calendar and the whole commissaires'panel for the most major events.
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