commissar order造句


  1. The enforcement of the Commissar Order led to thousands of executions.
  2. Hoth implemented the criminal Commissar Order during the invasion of the Soviet Union.
  3. As all German Corps on the Eastern Front, the XXXXVIII Corps implemented the criminal Commissar Order.
  4. This latter group most likely perished in concentration camps or were executed as per the Commissar Order.
  5. In 1941, contrary to his post-war claims, Halder did not oppose the Commissar Order.
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  7. As with all German armies on the Eastern Front, Hoepner's Panzer Group implemented the criminal Commissar Order.
  8. As all commanders of the German corps on the Eastern Front during the invasion, Vietinghoff implemented the criminal Commissar Order.
  9. In his memoirs, Gersdorff claimed to have opposed the OKW's Commissar Order and other " criminal orders ".
  10. As part of this strategy, the Commissar Order was issued, which stated that all Red Army commissars were to be executed when captured.
  11. After the war, Manstein lied about disobeying the Commissar Order, saying he had been opposed to the order, and never enforced it.
  12. There is little evidence, for instance, that the Commissar Order was widely disobeyed, despite Erich von Manstein's assertion to the contrary.
  13. After the war, Jodl was indicted on the charges of conspiracy to commit crime against peace; planning, initiating and waging Commando and Commissar Orders.
  14. When the Commissar Order became known among the Red Army, it delayed or prohibited follow orders from Hitler even when they knew those orders were illegal.
  15. Fomin was identified as a commissar and a Jew and due to the Commissar Order he was shot without delay, presumably, near the Kholm Gate.
  16. Before the war, Hitler issued the notorious Commissar Order, which called for all Soviet political commissars taken prisoner at the front to be shot immediately without trial.
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