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  1. Conformance to specifications
  2. Guidelines for decision rules : considering measurement uncertainty in determining conformance to specifications
  3. This requires a combination of conformance to specifications ( the project must produce what it said it wou1d produce ) and fitness for use ( the product or service produced must satisfy real needs )
  4. In the past , other ways of interconnecting systems , through either proprietary or difficult - to - use protocols like corba and iiop , resulted in the need to agree on a single , common , middleware infrastructure - the details that elaborate conformance to specifications
    在过去,一些系统间互连的其他方式要通过专有的或是难于使用的协议,像corba和iiop ,结果就我们需要取得一个单一的、通用的中间件基础设施具体内容要与规则保持高度的一致。
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