cork south造句


  1. Cork South-Central is predominantly an urban constituency but with a rural hinterland in the south.
  2. The Cork South Ring Road continues east-on the way it overpasses River Lee through the Jack Lynch Tunnel.
  3. East of the route, the Knockmealdown Mountains and the N40 Cork South Ring Road and the N8 to Cork city centre.
  4. :" The county of Cork, except the parts thereof which are comprised in the constituencies of Cork South-Central ."
  5. O'Keeffe, who was elected in his largely new constituency of Cork South-Central and a successor TD from Cork North-West.
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  7. The party gained 1 seat in each of the 3 Cork South Central LEAs, the base of Miche醠 Martin, and 1 seat in the Cork City North Central LEA on the North Side.
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