cork station造句


  1. In 1800 he became Commander-in-Chief of the Cork Station.
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  3. From 1816 to 1817 she was the Flagship of Rear-Admiral Sir Benjamin Hallowell on the Cork station.
  4. Commander George Sartorious took command on 22 July 1813 and " Avon " served on the Cork Station.
  5. In recognition of his services he was made a Cork Station, from 1 July 1847 until his death the following year.
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  7. He was briefly Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth from March to June 1803 but returned to the Cork Station after that.
  8. In the autumn of 1811 she was sent to the Cork Station . she remained on the Irish station in 1812 and 1813.
  9. In October Commander William Sargent took command for the Cork Station . " Mutine " spent most of her remaining years patrol between the south coast of England and Cork, Ireland.
  10. After promotion to flag-officer rank Hawkins-Whitshed became Commander-in-Chief of the Sea Fencibles in Ireland and then Commander-in-Chief of the Cork Station during the Napoleonic Wars.


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