cork street造句


  1. It began in Regent Street but soon moved to 22 Cork Street.
  2. A decade later she was exhibiting with Waterhouse and Dodd, Cork Street.
  3. He resided at 18 Cork Street in Westminster.
  4. In 1973, a retrospective was held at Maltzahn Gallery, Cork Street, London.
  5. Cork Street is part of the Burlington Estate, which was developed from the 18th century.
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  7. The galleries of Cork Street have launched the careers of many major modern artists in Britain.
  8. In 2012 a proposed development in Cork Street threatened to cause Messum's to move.
  9. A miniature by Samuel John Stump of Cork Street was in the possession of her son.
  10. In 1977 the lease of the 19 Cork Street premises fell in and the partnership dissolved.
  11. An early documented use of the Pulsator was at the Cork Street Fever Hospital, Dublin.
  12. His audience grew so rapidly that he soon had to rent the Medical Theatre on Cork Street.
  13. Frome's only cinema, the Westway, is in Cork Street in the town centre.
  14. The gallery experienced several moves, first to South Audley Street and then Cork Street in Mayfair.
  15. He ran the hostel for ten years until 1871 when the Sisters of Mercy came to Cork Street.
  16. His first one-man show ( 1928 ) was at the Redfern Gallery in Cork Street, London.
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