cork suburban rail造句


  1. The present Cork Suburban Rail network operates on three lines.
  2. The Cork Suburban Rail system also departs from Blarney and elsewhere ).
  3. It is connected to Cork Suburban Rail and is bypassed by the N25 road.
  4. It is the terminus of the on Cork-Cobh section of the Cork Suburban Rail line.
  5. "' Dunkettle railway station "'was a railway station to the east of Cobh Line as part of the Cork Suburban Rail project.
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  7. "' Kilbarry Station "'is a planned railway station in Cork-Dublin line, as part of the extended Cork Suburban Rail project.
  8. "' Carrigtwohill West Railway Station "'was a planned railway station to be located on the outskirts of Carrigtwohill in Ireland and would have formed part of the Cork Suburban Rail network.
  9. The National Development Plan led to improvements in roads, and new transport services were developed, such as the Luas light rail lines, the Dublin Port Tunnel, and the extension of the Cork Suburban Rail.


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