corporation engaged造句

"corporation engaged"是什么意思   


  1. corporations engaged in businesses related to exhibited items and corporations approved by the organizers
  2. insider trading is a fashionable phenomenon in chinese security markets, traditional insider and corporation engaging in insider trading play main roles
  3. more and more corporations engage in information technology outsourcing for the strategic purposes . it is unavoidable to select objects and design targets in strategic information technology outsourcing
  4. wantai investment group is a big investment corporation engaged in large area . we do investment in real estate, energy products, cereal oil products, mineral products and many other area
  5. located in the scientific garden of zhongguancun, beijing cousint petro-tech services limited is a high-tech corporation engaged in international oil and gas exploration consultancy and technology & business export and import
  6. It's difficult to find corporation engaged in a sentence. 用corporation engaged造句挺难的
  7. in addition, industry structural and trend of market evolution in china's distribution automation market are elaborately analyzed in my paper, these will provides a guideline for the corporations engaged in distribution automation industry and for the researchers who study the industry approach
  8. shanghai sentefu sports limited is a corporation engaged in sports equipment design, construction; sports equipment installation and materials processing, marketing for the professional integration companies, the company since its inception, it established a " professional achievements classic " as business ideas, positive and europe and the u . s . and other international counterparts, importing quality products and technical services in the chinese market for our nation's sports as a contribution
  9. combined with the financial futures theory, accounting of corporation engaged in irfs is further discussed . and four kinds of irfs transaction including speculation, spread, arbitrage and hedge are studied in detail . accounting of arbitrage and accounting of spread, which are often ignored by most research on the derivative financial instruments ( dfis ) accounting, are also studied
  10. i, is a corporation engaged in the electronics industry of metal materials trading company, its headquarters located in tokyo, japan for the castle peak limited, the main agent of the famous japanese metal materials manufacturers : japanese ngk, japan mining, guhe electrical industry, sumitomo special metals, 20, silveneer, fujisawa many manufacturers products
  11. then it analyses the differences between requirements of irfs accounting information users and information that can be provided by the current accounting model of futures transaction . secondly, being divided into accounting of corporation engaged in irfs, accounting of futures exchange and accounting of futures broking firm, the irfs transaction is discussed respectively
  12. according to the demand of modem property right theory, it seperates managing rights from the ownership of urban lands; according to the modem corporation system, it establishes national land corporations engaging in land development and management and inquires into inner administerring structure, right and obligation of the corporations; according to the modern financing theory, it puts forward financing means of national land corporations


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