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  1. We call it corporation financing theory in economics
  2. You see ? ? the corporations finance team america
  3. You see the corporations finance team america
  4. Several questions to strengthen the management of group corporation finance
  5. Finally , an evaluation on the project was given from a corporation financing angle
  6. It's difficult to find corporation finance in a sentence. 用corporation finance造句挺难的
  7. Finally , the author gives the general methods of realizing sustained growth of corporation finance
  8. This article will prove corporation financing is very difficult in a situation that the credit system is not really set up through setting up the game model at first
  9. The progress of accounting information system brings all operator of corporation finance and researcher of corporation account new idea , new concept and new knowledge
  10. From five aspects including the origin , the meaning , frame of reference , the mechanism and corporation financing of corporate govemance the principle analysis is performed . it constructs the analytical background of the thesis in chapter two
  11. Abstract : this article analyzes the connection of interest rate and corporation financing and investing , what is more , the influence of marketing of interest rate on these activities . further , it studies the financing decisions of corporate facing the challenge and opportunity
  12. The corporation financing theory developed quickly from 1958 , at which time modigliani and miller put forward mm theory . we could use the experience of the study method , analysis train of thought , and some basic conclusion for reference , to do some research for the chinese corporations
  13. Only using synthesized evaluation methodology , we can appraise project rationally and scientifically . considering the situation of our ecological environment , this paper analyses individually the economic impact that the project do , including corporation finance and national economy assessment , the effect on society including impartiality , participation , status of women , and the ecological environment effect
  14. Due to logistics activities impenetrate to all process of the corporation , including raw material logistics , produce logistics , and the logistics of factory to delivery center , and to custom , all expenses number logistics cost that include packing , loading and unloading , stocking , circulating etc . but the logistics cost that is calculated throng corporation finance data only can reflect the part of logistics cost
  15. The main object of this paper is to analyze the financing corner of our small and medium - sized enterprises on the base of credit rationing . in the virtue of primary channels of corporation financing , it especially deals with the difficult problem which are formed by the special situation of our country and finance system , and we try to advance actual measures to settle the financing difficult problems of our small and medium - sized enterprises
  16. The full text is made up of four parts : part one ( first chapter , second chapter ) imprimis , analyzed the reasons about the rate of state - owned business indebtedness to increase in our country . ( a ) the reform of finance - pass - loan since the 80s interim keep the close correlation with the rate of state - owned business indebtedness to increase , that the reform of state - owned corporation finance method since the 80s interim is obviously and first in the reform of the state - owned business system , under the hypothesis that the state - owned business system and its management mechanism < wp = 10 > were without the material alterations , took the lead in facilitating the capital - management mode ' s reform , and therefore kindled a series of problems
    全文共分四个部分:第一部分(第一章、第二章)首先,分析了我国国有企业负债率攀升得原因。 (一)国有企业负债率攀升与8 0年代中期以来拨改贷改革紧密相关,国有企业资金管理方式的改革明显先于国有企业制度的改革,在国有企业制度及其经营机制没有实质性改变的前提下,率先推进了资金管理方式的改革,由此引发了一系列问题。这只是国有企业负债率攀升的表面原因。
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